Help Uganda Kids 


There are two around two million orphans in Uganda who have lost their parents due to AIDS or civil war.

Many of these kids have known starvation and abuse in the streets of the towns and cities.  I've seen how much these children want to survive, laugh and learn!  They just soak up the education we provide them and will eventually take their exams and go on to higher education.  This is a very different future than they would have had in a dangerous life on the street where even survival is doubtful.  Following their education, many want to return to their communities to help. These children are a vital part of Uganda's future. EDUCATION IS NOT FREE IN UGANDA!  These orphans have no way to go to school unless they have school fees, or can find a place in a school such as ours. 

Help us make a real difference and change lives. Your donation can feed a hungry kid or provide a basic education that will change the future of that child.

What amazes me about these children is how resilient they are.

Most of these kids have watched both their parents die. They have known hunger, abuse and so much sorrow.  But given a little food, clothing, friends and a chance to go to school, they bloom like thirsty flowers. Our little village schools ring with their laughter. When we go there to volunteer, they surround us with so much joy and affection that we come home with full hearts  and the feeling that we've gotten back so much more than we gave.

Have an Armchair Travel Adventure and Make a Difference!  The joy of being a savior in these kids lives extends to those who only go there with me in spirit. For them, they find it exhilarating to participate in an African armchair travel adventure! I take your letters and donations, and deliver 100% of them directly to the children. The kids will write letters back to you.

Join us... and soak up a little joy!