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Our Youth Program: KCCW - "Kids Can Change the World!"

Our young volunteers at Help Uganda Kids have done so much! Not only have they raised funds for projects at the orphanage, but they have inspired other children to join us in experiencing the joy of helping other children who are less fortunate.

We'd like to introduce our Youth Volunteer Coordinator Robyn, and her Assistant Coordinator Sophia.
During this last year, Robyn, age 14, and Sophie, age 9, have spent many hours on projects raising funds for Hope Home and School. Together, they have raised more than $2000. for projects at Hope Home and School. They have personally directed their funds to buy school pencils, paper, books, food, and malaria medication. they love knowing that by doing so, they have helped to change the lives of 35 orphans for the better.  

Before last trip to Uganda, March 2010, Judi's grandson Jori, then 11, raised $1500 with his own fund-raising projects, then traveled to Uganda with Judi. His Mom Christie went along, too. While there, Jori loved playing soccer with the orphans, and they never tired of asking him about life in California.  With the money he had raised before his trip, Jori bought shoes for all 35 kids at Hope Home, mosquito bed nets for every child's bed, and a bicycle for the home. (The bike makes it faster for the caretaker to ride out to gather food for our two cows and the teachers use it to ride into town. There are no cars at Hope Home.)

We have just started our outreach to schools. We have found that most all children have an innate desire to help others.
When introduced to the needs of children in other lands, they immediately want to know how they can help! We only give them a glimpse of the good they can do, and both the excitement and the projects come from them.  They are eager to communicate with these children who are the same... but very different from themselves. They write and receive letters, draw pictures and sometimes start projects like a penny collection jar in the classroom. (They always say that they would like to send all their outgrown clothes to their new friends who have so little!)

An early introduction to humanitarian work does many things for our children.
Our primary purpose is to help other children to understand the joy that humanitarian work can bring the
A few we've noticed are:
1) It gives them a greater understanding of their world.
2) They develop a concern for the well-being of others, outside their immediate surroundings.
3) They gain a terrific sense of empowerment! They begin to realize that by helping one child at a time.... children can indeed change the world!


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