Come Volunteer with Us

Be Your Own Hero! 
You can make a difference in a young African life.
We welcome people who would like to find out about volunteering with us at our projects such as Hope Home in Uganda.  When we go there, the children welcome us with so much joy and affection that we come home with full hearts.  One person can make such a difference. YOU can! When you come to play with or teach these joyful kids, you not only light up their lives...  you may very likely change you own. Volunteers usually tell me that they feel that they've received so much more than they gave.

This also extends to those who only go there with me in spirit. For them, they find it exhilarating to participate in an African Armchair Travel Adventure! I take their letters and their donations, and deliver 100% of them directly to the children.  Whether your donation is $1 or $100,
every bit of it reaches the children... because I get it to them directly.
We buy food, mosquito nets for beds, shoes, clothes and school books and supplies with the donations from people just like you. You donations have had a wonderful result! We have completed a well project on the beautiful  property of Home Home, so that the children now have clean water. 

I have videoed my last trip there (March 2010), and will make that available for all my virtual volunteers. Whether you choose to go to Uganda to visit the orphans in person, or simply send your donation to them with me, you will feel the thrill and the deep satisfaction of knowing that you have made a huge difference in the lives of some very special African orphans. Others may think about doing so... someday. But you will have done it! Your donation of time or money will have contributed some direct and meaningful help to a young generation that is the future of Uganda.

OR... you can help us here... with lots of small, enjoyable tasks! email me at

Join us and soak up a little joy!

Jori, a pioneering young volunteer
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