It's a JOY to help these kids!

Ever wonder how you could directly change lives in Africa? Do you have to be a Jimmy Carter in order to make a huge difference in the life of a village?  Of course not.  YOU can change someone's future from despair to hope and joy ... and you can do it today.

The familiar question is: How can you know that your donations are directly reaching the people who need help? Well, now YOU HAVE A WAY.

We are the essence of DIRECT ACTION at the GRASSROOTS LEVEL.  It's simple and it works!
How? We travel personally to Hope Home in Uganda and EVERY DOLLAR we receive for the children goes directly to the the needs of the orphanage or to the village community. I see that every penny is used for food, clothing or education. You can even tell me how you would like your gift used, and I will bring back photos of the families who have benefited from it. When we are not traveling, we have a safe way to get your funds to Uganda and you will receive PHOTOS of what your donation has accomplished.
You may also choose which project you would like to support.  We thrive on DIRECT ACTION.
With us, if you buy a cow, you get a picture of that cow two weeks later, and receipts, if you need them.

On every one of our trips to Uganda, we bring not just our concern, supplies and expertise to the community but lots of hugs and love to the kids.  Many items of clothing, school and art and medical supplies are being collected by the Team and we will each be hand-carrying two huge suitcases of supplies and gifts for the children.
And we'll be sending photos of our experiences in Uganda. The photos and videos will be available after our return (as there is no electricity nor are there any tech services where we will be staying.
We welcome any sponsorship or donations for the children!
Just use the donate button on this site, or send a check made out to "Quantum" - and mail to Judi Gentry, P.O.Box 5491, Berkeley, CA 94705
                                                                SPONSORING A CHILD
You might want to talk with us about sponsoring a child who has been rescued from life on the streets, or perhaps sponsoring one of our dedicated senior students who has declared their hopes of going to University and after graduation, returning to help their community. We have several who are ready, just awaiting a sponsor.

In our first year, in 2010, we
completed our project to bring clean water to Hope Home!
Hope Home owns its own beautiful 10 acre parcel of land where the children live and study. When the children lost their access to the community well, we swung into action.
Three months later, Hope Home had their own well! This was accomplished with the help of people like YOU!.. and with a matching gift from the Children's Hunger Relief Fund.
(You can even come to Uganda to visit, if you like, and see the completion of the well. Check our volunteering page.) 

There are two million children in Uganda who have lost their parents due to AIDS or civil war.
Many of these kids have known starvation and abuse in the streets of the villages in the still-volatile regions of Uganda.
Message of Hope Home and School shelters thirty-five children and reaches out to 100 more in the  surrounding villages. I've seen how much these children want to learn! They just soak up the education given to them here, and will eventually take their exams and go on to higher education. (Quite obviously, this is a very different future than they would have had in a dangerous life on the street!) Many want to return to help their communities. These children are a vital part of Uganda's future. EDUCATION IS NOT FREE IN UGANDA! (These orphans have no way to go to school unless they have school fees, or can find a place in a Home and school such as ours.) Want to help us make a real difference... and change lives?

What amazed me about these children is how joyful and resilient they are.
Most of these kids have watched both their parents die. They have known hunger...  and so much sorrow. But given a little food, clothing, friends and a chance to go to school, they bloom like thirsty flowers. Hope Home rings with their laughter and play. When we go there to volunteer, they surround us so much joy and affection that we come home with full hearts...  and the feeling that we've gotten back so much more than we gave.
(Want to go on our next trip?)

Have an Armchair Travel Adventure and Make a Difference!
The joy of being a savior in these kid's lives also extends to those who only go there with me in spirit. For them, they find it exhilarating to participate in an African armchair travel adventure! I take your letters and donations, and deliver 100% of them directly to the children. The kids will write letters back to you.
Join us... and soak up a little joy! 

Our Orphans in Uganda

Judi's note from: March 2010:  JUST AFTER RETURNING FROM UGANDA from that first trip.
Taking your contributions personally to Message of Hope Home and School, you and I have just accomplished a lot of little miracles. The important thing is that we have ACTUALLY MADE A DIRECT DIFFERENCE IN SOME VERY DESPERATE SITUATIONS. None of your donations went to office rent or to salaries of "non-profit" organizations.  100% of your donations reached the children! We've harnessed the power of personal concern and grassroots action! And together, you and I have directly changed lives.

Some of the things we accomplished these trips:
  1. We bought 55 mosquito bed nets so that the orphans at Hope Home in Iganga and Freshfire Orphan's Home in Jinja will no longer be at risk of being bitten by malaria-carrying mosquitos as they sleep. (The kids and their care-givers were ecstatic to receive the nets!)
  2. We bought shoes for 35 pairs of little bare feet.  Again, the children were so grateful.
  3. We purchased a modem for the director, Isaac Ouma, and he is now online and able to apply for grants.
  4. We paid partial salaries to the 6 teachers and caregivers of Hope Home Orphanage and School. (These dedicated teachers had not been paid for 3 months, but refuse to leave the children.)
  5. We purchased food for the orphanage. We bought posho, matoke, rice and beans so that the kids are assured food for a month. But the ongoing need is there. Want to help? Even small donations add up!
  6. We assessed costs for drilling a well on the 10 acre property of Hope Home. We found that we could bring clean water to the children for only $3000! (Note: January 2011 - THIS WELL IS NOW COMPLETED AND OPERATING.) Also, two wonderful donors have purchased our new hybrid dairy cow, "Heather." The kids will soon have milk to build strong bones. Thanks, Hersh and Heather!
  7. Now we are aiming to buy a bit of farm land so that they can start growing their own food.
  8. (Note: Jan. 2011: Thanks to Christine MT we now have two lovely acres of fertile farm land!)
  9. We now need more farming tools, etc.
Let's do it now!

You may contribute any amount you like. Use PayPal, Visa, Mastercard or write a check to "Quantum"  and send to: Judi Gentry, P.O. box 5491, Berkeley, CA 94705
If you would like to have a receipt for a non-profit tax deduction, please make your check to "CHRF" and send it to Judi Gentry at the above P.O. Box.  If you would like to make a regular monthly donation, call Judi and she will tell you how to set it up.
(You may call Judi at (415) 339-1295. Leave a message. She will return your call right away.)
                 Every little bit brings the orphanage closer to its goal of self-sustainability! 

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